Common problems with your chainsaw and how to fix them

Everyone encounters problems with their chainsaw on occassion, and most of the issues that come up can be resolved fairly easily. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to working, maintaining, nor repairing chainsaws.  But I have some experience with chainsaws, and have encountered some situations/problems that I believe are common […]

Success growing oak in your woods

Getting oak seedlings and sprouts to come back into your woodland in high numbers can be difficult, unless you take the right steps. Like many other woodland owners, we want more oak on our property.  But also like many others, we struggle to get it to grow in the large numbers that we would prefer. […]

Attack of the fungi

Learn how fungi and other diseases can kill your trees. In a previous article, I talked about how insects kill trees. Here I will cover how different fungi can kill trees. Let me start by saying that not all fungal infections are alike. Some can cause just minor damage to a tree, while others can […]

Protect your trees with fencing

I just got off the phone with Mike. Mike is a landowner in Marathon County who just purchased some property, and was floundering a bit with where to start. He has 80 acres of land that had been used for hay, has some wet areas, and he would like to see more wildlife on the […]

Using wedges to fell trees

Wedges can help control the direction of trees falling even when they are leaning the wrong way. In a previous article, I talked about my use of wedges for bucking logs.  In this article I will share some of my experience using wedges to safely and efficiently fell trees. Many folks might think you only […]

Don’t get pinched

The use of this simple tool will make your work more efficient and less frustrating. OK, I admit it.  I have made some poor choices while using a chainsaw.  Many of them revolve around me being tired, but some are because I get lazy from time to time.  Fortunately none of these poor choices has […]

What do the different paint colors mean?

Ever wondered what all the trees painted in the woods was about? Each color has a specific use and needs to be recognized by the landowner, forester and logger. We are setting up a timber sale in a part of our woodland where we have harvested in the past.   It will have been about 15 […]

Harvest timber and pay less taxes

You can reduce the amount you pay in taxes following a timber harvest just by knowing and using your basis. We recently acquired a parcel, next to the original homestead, that we had been hoping would come on the market.  It gives us a bit more frontage along the creek that passes through our property.  […]

Harvesting trees in the right order

Getting your forest filled with trees that are healthy and fast growing is all about removing the right trees in the right order. I was recently walking in a friend’s woodlot (let’s call him Steve) and he was picking my brain on what he needs to do to get his woods in shape.  Eventually we […]