Passing the Land on to Others

Family members are invited to participate in activities like deer hunting, and asked to help with tree planting and harvesting. But more often then not, their input is not looked for when decisions are being made regarding the management of the woodlot. Many times they are turned off by the phrase “my woods”, when they […]

Using a chainsaw safely and efficiently

Avoid mistakes and injuries while using your chainsaw by treating it with kindness and respect. My wife’s grandfather, who turns 100 years old this fall, has been working in the woods off and on for most of his life. If it wasn’t cutting ties and bolts by hand in the winter to make some money, […]

Building a forest one tree at a time

There is more to planting trees than “one to a hole, green side up”. I have planted a fair number of trees in the twenty some years I have been in this profession, and it is still a joy to put a tree in the ground with visions of more shade or veneer quality logs […]

Wildfire and your Woodland

There are a number of simple things that any landowner can do to protect their home and property from damage from wildfires. My wife and I bought a home north of Rhinelander on a pretty dry parcel of land. To say that it is sandy is a bit of an understatement. The description in the […]

Getting the most out of your forest trail

The keys to developing a trail and road network that meets your needs now and into the future. My wife’s grandfather is a retired farmer in the Tomah area with a small woodlot that he has been extracting firewood from over the past seven decades. For much of that time, he has used his trusty […]

Splitting Wood for Firewood Safely and Efficiently

Splitting wood by hand with a maul is one of the few tasks I look forward to and undertake with a great deal of satisfaction. Whether you are an old hand at splitting wood or not, there are a few simple techniques worth sharing that will make your work safe and efficient. A good place […]

To Cut Or Not To Cut

Deciding which trees to harvest and when is an important part of getting what you want from your forest. Following the right guidelines will ensure that you will get what you want now and well into the future. When my sister and her husband purchased some wooded property in Vernon County a few years ago, […]

A healthy forest is a happy forest

The three things any landowner can do to have a healthy forest are to monitor for problems, diversify the kinds of trees growing, and promote vigorous growth. On a recent visit to property of a landowner (let’s call her Shelly), I was asked a number of times about the health of certain trees. Now, this […]