Finding a rare species on your property

We made a pretty exciting discovery in our woods recently.  While walking our trails, we came across a wood turtle.  Now, we have seen our fair share of uncommon wildlife on our property (recently including a red fox family), so we were not TOO starstruck.  But it was still neat to observe one firsthand and […]

Who are those NRCS folks and what can they do for me?

I was talking recently with a landowner about some of the projects they had in mind for their property.  As is the case with many of the folks I work with, they had projects that required much more time and money than they had to give.  The solution to many of their restraints was a […]

So, you think you know all about your chainsaw, huh?

Chainsaws are powerful tools that make the felling and processing of trees easy.  We tend to forget how dangerous these tools can be if used improperly and without safety equipment.  Take a moment to test your knowledge about chainsaws and their use. The answers are at the end. 1. About how many people are treated […]

Mushrooms – Not all of them are created equal

In a previous article, I discussed insects that are attacking our trees and I wanted to follow up with a discussion of the common fungi or mushrooms growing in our woods.  Just like the insects, some of these are very harmful to our trees and the rest aren’t.  What is different from the insects is […]

Native insects damaging our trees

If you have spent any amount of time in the woods, you have undoubtedly noticed damage to trees caused by insects.  The damage could be in the leaves or the stem, under the bark or in the roots.  It may seem alarming to you, but, to a tree, this is an everyday occurrence during the […]

Engaging the Next Generation: Let’s Get Kids Outside! by Jamie Nack

Imagine my delight, when my daughters (9 and 11) complained about not being able to go outside during the polar vortex back in February.  School had been cancelled due to the extreme cold and we were “stuck” at home and inside.  My husband and I have made it a high priority to connect our children […]

An action plan

At one of the classes I recently held for woodland owners, a couple approached me looking for some guidance for the property they recently purchased.  This was the first forested parcel bigger than an acre they owned and were understandably unsure as to where to start.  They had all kinds of ideas for things they […]

Tree planting and maintenance

by Randy Mell Last Saturday I found myself walking the woods with a good friend. Today was one of those perfect mornings that you remember in the dead of winter that picks up your spirits.  I have had many walks in the past with him through his woods. On those walks he would express his […]