Check your chainsaw checklist before heading out to the woods

I don’t know how many times I have headed out into our woods to do some chainsaw work and had forgotten something. It is usually something critical like water, or my hatchet, or I brought the wrong fuel mix.  After maybe the fourth or fifth time of this happening (and yes, I am a slow learner), I decided to put together a checklist. Feel free to use and modify this as you see fit. Having a toolbox for your chainsaw equipment make this easier, but not necessarily required. Oh, and in case you didn’t realize this, the checklist won’t work if you don’t check it. 

Chainsaw, with sharpened blade
Spare chain, sharpened (a dull spare adds work in the field that could have been done back at the shop)
Fuel, with the right oil mixture
Bar oil
Plastic wedges
Protective helmet, with face shield and hearing protection
Chainsaw chaps or pants
Protective boots, with at least steel toe
Work gloves
Chainsaw wrench
Cant hook or peavey
Sharpening equipment: file, raker gauge, stump vise (if you use one) 
First aid kit
Water or energy drink
Lunch or energy bar
Towel, for sweat and quick clean up before getting back in the vehicle
Phone or radio
A coworker (don’t work alone in the woods)