Consider the moss

One of the joys of walking in the woods with a toddler is moving slowly enough to appreciate the little things. I like to walk with my 2-year-old daughter at a State Natural Area (SNA) near our home. She’s got a different perspective from me, due both to her size and her relationship with the […]

What is wrong with my tree?

Most phone calls I get start with “I think my trees are dying”. No one likes to look up and see something wrong with their trees. I usually start by reassuring people that there are varying degrees of unhealthy trees and they don’t all end in tree death. However, in order to diagnose anything, we […]

Better birding: How to get started?

While taking a family walk on Mother’s Day, my wife pointed out a female Baltimore Oriole in its yellow plumage. My sister-in-law, who could not ID the bird, was impressed. She sighed, ‘I wish I knew birds…’  Her comment got me thinking. How did we learn about birds and what tips would I share with […]

Taking a snapshot of Wisconsin’s wildlife

Have you ever wondered what’s wandering the woods when you’re not there? Motion-triggered trail cameras are a great way to find out. Trail cameras have been popular in the whitetail hunting world for a while. However, in recent years the technology has greatly improved, and the prices have plummeted. As trail cameras become more accessible, outdoor enthusiasts of all sorts are pursuing […]

It’s the time of the season… for wildfires in Wisconsin

Did you know May is National Wildfire Awareness Month? Since many of us have been spending more time at home during the extended Safer at Home order, now is the perfect time to start thinking about preparing our homes and properties for the 2020 fire season. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram […]

Is silvopasture an option for me? By Randy Mell

Professional foresters are educated in the basic needs of establishing and growing trees. During the course of their work, they share with woodlands owners activities they can do in their woods that mimic natures’ way of establishing and improving their trees. Foresters occasionally get questions from landowners on how they can earn more income from […]

The sit spot challenge

Amidst the many challenges of early 2020, I found a lot of joy watching nature come back to life during the spring thaw. Things change quickly in spring and considering the pandemic we were living through, even more so that year. As we adjusted to that changing reality, all of us at UW-Madison Extension worked on […]

Identifying and treating invasive species in the spring

With the recent Safer at Home Act many of us are looking for ways to pass the time and keep our children and families active and healthy. What better way to pass the time than to learn how to identify invasive species, begin planning control methods, and gathering garlic mustard if it is present on […]