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What To Expect When You Contact a Forester

Most landowners enjoy their woods, but haven’t thought about it from a management perspective. For some this is a family property they visited as a kid, or land where they go to hunt a few times each year.  It doesn’t seem like something that needs management. However, once we start having conversations about wildlife habitat, invasive species, insect problems, or firewood, landowners often realize that they would benefit from the help of a resource professional, most often a forester.


Pesky Pests

    Have you been out in the woods lately? If so, you are lucky the mosquitoes and flies haven’t carried you away. With all the rain we’ve had this year, we have breeding grounds everywhere. On top of that, there was news this past week of both a bird testing positive with West Nile in Marathon County, and the discovery of a species of mosquito that is capable of carrying Zika in Dane County. I realize that this is an absolutely terrible way to start an article that is supposed to encourage you to get outdoors.

Do You Know What's Hiding In Your Woods?

Summer is here! Well, according to the calendar anyway. I haven’t seen the sun in more days than I care to count. As I write this, Memorial Day is just around the corner, and it is a great time for me to talk about the health of your woods. Lots of people will be on the road, heading up to their cabins/woodland, so let’s talk about a few things you should think about this summer.


Go Play...and Bring Your Phone

Univ. of Oxford

                Spring is in the air. Although, after the snow this week, I think winter is still holding on. I’m starting to believe the saying “snow falls on a robin three times”. We had beautiful weather this past weekend though, and I was able to get out in the woods for a good tromp. I immediately saw a little green, only to realize that it was the dreaded honeysuckle starting to leaf out. Then on Monday, a colleague shared a resource with me related to that honeysuckle… which makes the perfect segue into this month’s blog post: using your phone in the woods.


A Helping Hand

Photo: Matt Duvall

As a new landowner, or one who has just recently decided to invest more time in their woods, there are all kinds of questions and decisions that are put in front of you. Owning woods is no different than owning a car and having to take it to a mechanic for help; there can be a steep learning curve and some things you never want to have to do yourself. Luckily, there are some ready-made people resources out there who have knowledge and experience they are willing to share.