Wisconsin Stewardship Plan Project

Wisconsin has made great strides in private forest landowner engagement, more than 21,000 new landowners having received a property visit from a professional forester since 2018. These landowners who have received personalized information about their property, or new landowners that are invested in the future of their property are poised to act in the woods. The Wisconsin Stewardship Plan Project will help Wisconsin landowners take the next step by helping them get a Forest Stewardship plan for their woodlands. The project can connect landowners with a forester, if needed, and will cover the cost of the Forest Stewardship Plan. The project is a partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and UW Extension and grant funded by the USDA Forest Service.

Project Goals

The Wisconsin Stewardship Plan Project will increase the number of landowners who follow a Forest Stewardship Plan for their property and increase forest health across Wisconsin. By getting a Forest Stewardship plan landowners will be able to identify goals for their property, plan for the future of their land, and implement management activities on their land. This will significantly increase the amount of land eligible for financial assistance programs, at the state and federal level, which enables the completion of sustainable forestry management practices across the state. 

Upcoming Events

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