Learn In Less Than 5 videos

Here are some short videos that offer a variety of information related to five broad topics: felling trees, monitoring wildlife, checking property boundaries and corners, identifying trees, and measuring how your forest is changing. There are links below each video that will take you to additional information related to these topics.

Felling and Limbing Trees Safely and Efficiently

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Work safely in your woods

Forest Products: How and what to gather from the woods

Monitoring Wildlife On Your Property

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Increasing wildlife and habitat in your woods

How to Inventory and Monitor Wildlife on Your Land

Checking Your Property Boundaries and Corners

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Protecting your investment

Forest Planning: For success now and into the future

Recreation: Molding your woods to fit your needs

Identifying Trees In Your Woods

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Tree and Invasive Plant Identification

Tree Identification Terms You Should Know

Tree Identification Key

Winter Tree Identification Key

Measuring How Your Woodland is Changing

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Tracking Changes to Your Trees and Woods: Measuring Growth

Make Your Own Diameter Tapes