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Your Land, Your Legacy

April 4th - May 30th, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

online family succession classes

Many family forest owners envision their land remaining in the family for generations. But does your family share your dreams for the future of
your land? Do you have a plan in place to keep the land intact? Passing property from one generation to the next is legally and emotionally challenging. This program is designed to give landowners and families the tools to make the transition a successful one.

We encourage attendees to bring family members to start the planning process together. Succession planning takes time and money, but this process is essential if you want to influence your legacy through your land. Through research, we have determined the steps and processes
that have the most likely positive outcome for your land and your family. This course is designed to walk you through those steps, and give you time to start working on each of them between the modules.

Successful legacy planning will increase the odds of most or all of the following outcomes: (source- GenerationNext)
❏ More control over what happens to your woodlands
❏ Closer family relationships
❏ Better defined and respected roles of family members
❏ Continued investment and engagement by future generations
❏ Smooth transition of woodlands to heirs
❏ Woodlands remain intact and managed according to your wishes
❏ Reduced tax burden
❏ A long-lasting family legacy
❏ Peace of mind

● 5 modules to be completed asynchronously (at your own pace) at a rate of roughly 2 module/month
● 5 synchronous (live) discussions over the 2 months
● Course work will include: watching short presentations, reading, completing assignments or tasks, participating in discussions asynchronous and synchronous) and time for your own legacy planning work


Course is completed online and through live Zoom sessions



This event has passed