Achieving sweet success with your maples

Learn how to manage your forest to maximize maple sap production by creating healthy and vigorously growing trees. I have a friend who produces maple syrup on his woodlot, and he has invited me to help out in the production process over the past few years. This has been a lot of fun and hard […]

Machines in the woods

Most of us don’t take the time to consider how forestry machines work and work together to efficiently, sustainably, and safely harvest timber off of our properties. Well, that is going to change right now. Ever since I saw my first timber harvester, I have been fascinated by these machines. The combination of speed, power, […]

Online Resources for Woodland Owners

It’s the holidays, and in case you haven’t noticed, they are pushing electronics of all kinds. Hopefully, in a future post we’ll share some forestry apps for tablets and smartphones. We are just starting to delve into some of these, so if you have used one, we’d love some input on what to check out […]

Mapping your Property

We’ve been getting some more rain around the state recently, and hopefully snow is right around the corner. So think of this blog post as what to do on a rainy day when you are stuck inside. Think of this “down time” as an opportunity to organize your upcoming plans for your woodland, and put […]

Know your Property Boundaries

Knowing the exact location of your property boundaries and corners can help to resolve disputes with your neighbors. I was visiting with my brother-in-law at their property recently, when we got on the topic of property boundaries. It seems that he suspected his neighbor of moving a barbed wire fence that sat on the line […]

Controlling Invasive Species in your Forest

They keys to controlling any kind of non-native, invasive plant infestation is to attack it early and keep at it until it is completely wiped out. There are a number of ways to go about it and you can choose the methods that best fit you. We do a lot of work on our family […]

Recreation and Invasive Pests

As the mosquitoes start to disappear, and the leaves begin their fall beauty, we may be hitting our woods more frequently for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling or ATVing. But do you know what may be hitchhiking along with you? Many of the exotic plants, insects and diseases invading our woods are fairly immobile until we […]

Protect and Maintain your Planted Trees

The mistake many folks make is thinking they can just sit back and watch the trees they planted grow without doing any kind of maintenance on the plantation. This decision has led to the demise of many a planting. A good understanding of what threatens seedlings and how to control or reduce these will ensure […]

June is Invasive Species Awareness Month

June is invasive species awareness month with the theme of “slow the spread by boat and tread”. In this blog, we have continually recommended that regularly walking your property can lead to a healthier woods. When it comes to invasive plants and animals, it is much easier to control small populations; catching them early can […]