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What To Expect When You Contact a Forester

Most landowners enjoy their woods, but haven’t thought about it from a management perspective. For some this is a family property they visited as a kid, or land where they go to hunt a few times each year.  It doesn’t seem like something that needs management. However, once we start having conversations about wildlife habitat, invasive species, insect problems, or firewood, landowners often realize that they would benefit from the help of a resource professional, most often a forester.


A Helping Hand

Photo: Matt Duvall

As a new landowner, or one who has just recently decided to invest more time in their woods, there are all kinds of questions and decisions that are put in front of you. Owning woods is no different than owning a car and having to take it to a mechanic for help; there can be a steep learning curve and some things you never want to have to do yourself. Luckily, there are some ready-made people resources out there who have knowledge and experience they are willing to share.



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