The sit spot challenge

Amidst the many challenges of early 2020, I found a lot of joy watching nature come back to life during the spring thaw. Things change quickly in spring and considering┬áthe pandemic we were living through, even more so that year. As we adjusted to that changing reality, all of us at UW-Madison Extension worked on […]

To Cut Or Not To Cut

Deciding which trees to harvest and when is an important part of getting what you want from your forest. Following the right guidelines will ensure that you will get what you want now and well into the future. When my sister and her husband purchased some wooded property in Vernon County a few years ago, […]

A healthy forest is a happy forest

The three things any landowner can do to have a healthy forest are to monitor for problems, diversify the kinds of trees growing, and promote vigorous growth. On a recent visit to property of a landowner (let’s call her Shelly), I was asked a number of times about the health of certain trees. Now, this […]