Identifying and treating invasive species in the spring

With the recent Safer at Home Act many of us are looking for ways to pass the time and keep our children and families active and healthy. What better way to pass the time than to learn how to identify invasive species, begin planning control methods, and gathering garlic mustard if it is present on […]

An ode to bark

Tree bark can be found in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, textures, and utility. It is good to take some time to appreciate the “skin” of our trees. This is the time of year that my appreciation for tree bark is reignited.  Framed by blue skies and snow and uncluttered by leaves, the uniqueness […]

Building a forest one tree at a time

There is more to planting trees than “one to a hole, green side up”. I have planted a fair number of trees in the twenty some years I have been in this profession, and it is still a joy to put a tree in the ground with visions of more shade or veneer quality logs […]