Riparian buffers – Agroforestry for any property

Wisconsin private landowners care for over 10 million acres of woodlands that are critical to protecting watersheds across the state. Do you know what watershed your land is in? If not, SEE HERE.  A watershed is an area of land that drains rainfall to a common outlet. In Wisconsin, the common outlet we all share […]

Forest openings for wildlife

Creating an opening in your woods to attract wildlife isn’t difficult if you build it right and maintain it. My wife truly enjoys seeing wildlife on our property and at the old homestead.  And we do quite a bit to get a variety of wildlife to visit and stay on our land; from creating brush […]

An old man’s love of his woods

The practical uses for a woodlot don’t have to conflict with the aesthetic values a forest provides. I have some really good memories working in the woods with my wife’s grandfather.  Arnold was a retired farmer who was still gardening and harvesting trees for firewood when I first met him.  For the next twenty years, […]

What the kids want

Figuring out what your kids would like to get out of your woodland is the first step in getting them passionate about it. My sister and her husband purchased some forested property in Vernon County a few years ago, and would spend most of their time there if they could.  They were originally looking for […]