Windbreaks – Agroforestry for Any Property

I regularly talk with foresters, farmers and woodland owners who have not thought twice about agroforestry. I get it. Some people have never heard of it, and others think I’m talking about putting cows in the woods. However, agroforestry consists of five very different primary practices (outlined here) that are applicable to to a variety […]

Five steps for new woodland owners

The New Year is just around the corner, and with it brings a host of resolutions. I’m not sure how many people still keep with this tradition though. This month, we offer 5 first steps for a new landowner, but they might be good resolutions for the seasoned landowners out there as well. The first […]

What do the different paint colors mean?

Ever wondered what all the trees painted in the woods was about? Each color has a specific use and needs to be recognized by the landowner, forester and logger. We are setting up a timber sale in a part of our woodland where we have harvested in the past.   It will have been about 15 […]

Know your Property Boundaries

Knowing the exact location of your property boundaries and corners can help to resolve disputes with your neighbors. I was visiting with my brother-in-law at their property recently, when we got on the topic of property boundaries. It seems that he suspected his neighbor of moving a barbed wire fence that sat on the line […]

Trees and fences and good neighbors

The ownership of trees that grow on property lines and those that fall across property lines can be contentious, but there are ways to simply and easily resolve this. I am occasionally asked questions by woodland owners that stump me. One is about trees that have fallen or were blown down onto a neighbor’s property. […]