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A Landowner’s Guide to Woodland Wildlife Management

This publication is designed to help the private woodland owner manage their property for enjoyment and profit, for the betterment of wildlife habitat and populations, and for the overall sound stewardship of Wisconsin’s natural resources.

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An Introduction to Wildlife Damage Management

With good information and a willingness to act, most common problems with wildlife can be minimized or avoided

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Bear Damage and Abatement in Wisconsin

Black bear ecology, damage and preventive measures

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Beaver Damage Control

Guidelines for people with beaver damage problems

Better birding: How to get started?

Tips for getting started birding

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Bird Feeding: Tips for Beginners and Veterans

Tools and techniques for feeding wild birds

Brush piles for better wildlife habitat

Use the small branches and tops of trees you fell for wildlife habitat rather than firewood.

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Calling All Wildlife

Learn a bit about some of the wildlife that make their homes in Wisconsin.

Elderberry Fruit

Choosing the right trees and shrubs to plant to attract wildlife

For any kind of project you are looking to undertake on your property, you need to start with the “why” question.  Why are you doing this?  What are you hoping to accomplish?  And the more specific you can be, the more satisfied you will be with the results that you get.  So, when it comes […]

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Controlling Deer Damage in Wisconsin

Guide to reducing the damage from deer browse and rubs on your property