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10 Ways to Protect Your Woodland Property

Ten Ways include: protecting fire risk, trespass and liability, your health in the woods, wildlife damage, destructive cutting practices, invasive pests, water quality, soil resources, woodland health, and scenic beauty.

Beaver swimming in water

Dealing with problem beavers on your property

Beavers can make dramatic changes to a landscape and you need to learn to live with them, or how to deter or remove them.

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Forest Roads and Wetlands

Evaluating your options

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Managing Woodlands for Wisconsin’s Coastal Trout Streams

Protecting water quality and trout stream habitat

Riparian buffers – Agroforestry for any property

Protect your water bodies with some trees and shrubs

Gravel trail into the woods with table rock water bars to direct water flow

Something in the water

Steps you can take to reduce erosion and protect the quality of water on your property

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Temporary Stream Crossing for Forestry

A directory of available structures