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Planting a tree

Building a forest one tree at a time

Take the time to create the best conditions for your newly planted seedlings to flourish

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Care and Handling of Bare Root Seedlings

Guide to successfully planting bare root tree seedlings

Elderberry Fruit

Choosing the right trees and shrubs to plant to attract wildlife

For any kind of project you are looking to undertake on your property, you need to start with the “why” question.  Why are you doing this?  What are you hoping to accomplish?  And the more specific you can be, the more satisfied you will be with the results that you get.  So, when it comes […]

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Controlling Deer Damage in Wisconsin

Guide to reducing the damage from deer browse and rubs on your property

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Creating a Forest: A step by step guide to planting and maintaining trees

A comprehensive guide to planting trees and protecting them after planting

Planting plan map

Do I really need a plan for where and how I plant my trees?

Having developed a planting plan before you started putting trees in the ground is the best way to increase the success of any tree planting operation.

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Forest Trees of Wisconsin

A guide to some of the common native trees of Wisconsin

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Landscape Plants that Attract Birds

A guide to annuals and perennials that will attract birds to your property

sampling method for planted trees

Make sure your planted trees survive and thrive

Take steps to protect your seedlings

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Meadow Mouse Control

Guide for controlling meadow mouse populations on your property