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10 Ways to Protect Your Woodland Property

Ten Ways include: protecting fire risk, trespass and liability, your health in the woods, wildlife damage, destructive cutting practices, invasive pests, water quality, soil resources, woodland health, and scenic beauty.

Check your chainsaw checklist before heading out to the woods

I don’t know how many times I have headed out into our woods to do some chainsaw work and had forgotten something. It is usually something critical like water, or my hatchet, or I brought the wrong fuel mix.

Chainsaw chain and bar

Common problems with your chainsaw and how to fix them

Everyone encounters problems with their chainsaw on occassion, and most of the issues that come up can be resolved fairly easily.

A storm damaged tree with the top broken off

Dealing with storm damaged trees

Often a storm will leave a tangled mess of trees that require patience and special attention to clear safely and efficiently.

Plastic wedge

Don’t get pinched

The use of this simple tool will make your work more efficient and less frustrating.

Private property no trespassing sign

Legal issues for landowners

A few of the laws in Wisconsin that relate to woodland owners and use of property.

A log moving machine

Machines in the woods

Most of us don’t take the time to consider how forestry machines work and work together to efficiently, sustainably, and safely harvest timber off of our properties.

A Compass

Ode to a compass

A compass is a simple yet powerful tool for navigating in the forest.

Poison Ivey - Online Virtual Flora of Wisconsin. 2017. http// Accessed on July 25

Pesky pests

Some of those insects and plants in your woods that cause the most headaches

A tree leaning on another tree

Safely felling problem trees

There are some simple things you can do get hung-up trees on the ground safely and efficiently.