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10 Ways to Protect Your Woodland Property

Ten Ways include: protecting fire risk, trespass and liability, your health in the woods, wildlife damage, destructive cutting practices, invasive pests, water quality, soil resources, woodland health, and scenic beauty.

An Introduction to Agroforestry

In this post, I will expand on what agroforestry is, and how it is being used here in Wisconsin. Although this post may seem very agricultural centered, I should point out a few things. One, many woodlots are associated with farmsteads, and are not seen as a profit center for the farm, though they could […]

An Introduction to Hazelnuts in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, we generally see two species of hazelnuts: American (Corylus Americana) and beaked (Corylus cornuta). Both are considered shrubs, rather than trees. As their popularity here grows, we are seeing more hybrids as well.

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Conducting A Successful Timber Sale

Timber Harvesting is an Important Tool for Woodland Owners. When conducted with care and good planning, harvesting trees allows you, as a landowner, to enjoy your woodlands while keeping them healthy and meeting your ownership goals.

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Conducting a successful timber sale video

02:42 Reasons for harvesting trees 07:18 Benefits of a timber harvest 09:45 Common mistakes encountered when harvesting trees 14:20 9 steps to a successful timber sale 30:00 Sale methods: scaled sale vs. lump sum sale 45:26 Income tax considerations

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Contracting with a Consulting Forester

Working with a private consulting forester is a great way to achieve your goals for your woodland.Like any other contractor you work with, it is a good idea to get all of your agreements in writing toprotect yourself and the contractor.

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Controlling Deer Damage in Wisconsin

Guide to reducing the damage from deer browse and rubs on your property

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Determining the value of a log

For determining the value of individual logs (trees can be made up of more than one log), the three main factors are grade (quality), scale (an estimate of the quantity of lumber within a log), and species.

Explore Your Woods Together

Recently while teaching succession planning classes, we were talking about getting the next generations involved in the woods. Some landowners feel reluctant to teach their kids or grandkids about the woods as they feel they don’t know enough themselves. To me, this is the perfect opportunity to learn together, and you get the bonus of […]

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Find the Best Logger for you

Loggers have a lot riding on their working relationship with the landowner, so it is a good idea to understand where they are coming from and what you need to do to find the best one for you.