New Landowner

Welcome Wisconsin Landowners!

This webpage exists to connect Wisconsinites with the organizations that help landowners achieve their goals for their land.
This page is a work in progress. Please check back soon.

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What: Series of 3 online workshops for new landowners in Wisconsin

When: March 21, 28, April 4, 2023

Where: Online          Price: free

Why: This series of webinars invites new and prospective landowners in Wisconsin to connect with their de facto conservation team, and discuss ways to achieve their property goals. Each webinar features a different lineup of guest speakers from organizations assisting landowners across Wisconsin.

Event Info HERE

Private Landowner Assistance Network

The Private Landowner Assistance Network, or PLAN, will be your go to tool for connecting with conservation professionals. This ‘directory of directories’ will showcase your local conservation team and outline some of the services they provide Wisconsin landowners. We hope to launch the PLAN in 2023.


New Landowner Interview Highlights

Professional advice can clarify timing and order of management choices:

“I contacted [DNR forester] very shortly after I purchased my land, and .. he was a very influential…person … he helped me figure out what my plans would be short term and long term.” (New Landowner)

“I’ve definitely been hot out of the gate in terms of what I’m doing, make it livable, if you will, but also in terms of plans to have the main work to begin out there cleaning up the creek so there’s no flooding issues and stuff like that and chopping down trees and thinning out areas…And then, for the next, you know, few years here, I mean, it’s mainly just going to be continuing to take the recommendations of my forester to promote, you know, promote a healthy forest.” (Landowner)

DMAP (DNR Deer Management Assistance Program) had good information. To some part I just wish they had more.” (New Landowner).

Helping landowners avoid mistakes:

“She [DNR forester] helped me avoid mistakes… She was very instrumental in me doing certain things and not doing certain things that I had originally wanted to do.” (New Landowner)