There are a wide array of opportunities that landowners can take advantage of to learn more about the trees and forests on their property.  Most of these are in the form of in-person classes or conferences, but there are also webinars and field days being held around the state.  Follow the links below to learn more about each individual event.

Learn About Your Land classes for woodland owners

These classes are sponsored by UW-Extension Natural Resources Educators working in partnership with local DNR Foresters.  The classes are usually held in the winter and spring and take place in the evening and during the day on Saturdays on occassion.  Click on these links to learn more about the classes at these locations:




“Coverts” is a woodland wildlife management program for private landowners run by the Dept of Forest and Wildlife Ecology of UW-Madison. This 3-day course is held annually in Woodruff, WI.
To learn more:


Woodland owner conferences

The Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association, DNR Foresters and members of UW-Extension organize and host one day conferences around the state for woodland owners in the winter and spring.  These conferences usually take place on Saturdays and cover a number of different topics.  Below are the dates and locations for the upcoming events along with links for more information when available.  Check out the WWOA website for more information.



We are currently updating our Events, Classes and Webinars calendar. Please check back soon.