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Learn About Your Land Webinars

June 1 - June 23, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

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Assistance with Your Woodlands: People, Programs and Planning
Monday June 1, 2020  7-8 pm
The creation of a healthy woodland requires knowledge of forestry techniques and the  investment of time and money. This session will link you to the people, programs and organizations that offer technical and financial assistance for all aspects of your woodland. We will also take you through the beginning steps of woodland management. Start by considering what is important to you, and learn what resources will be needed to make your vision a reality.

Get to Know Your Local Trees and Invasive Plants
Tuesday June 2, 2020   7-8 pm
Join a forester as you get to know what trees are in your woods. We will review the major trees and invasive plants you will likely find on your property and how to identify others when you return to your property. We will also discuss the uses of different tree species.

Success with Tree Planting
Monday June 8, 2020   7-8 pm
This session will identify the steps needed to successfully establish new trees. Learn which trees will grow best on your land, how to prepare your land, techniques for planting and how to care for newly planted trees.

Gather Goods From Your Woods
Tuesday June 9, 2020   7-8 pm
Ever wonder what useful products you can gather from your woods? Join us for an overview of woodland products, including maple syrup, mushrooms, firewood, nuts, berries and herbs. We will discuss some considerations for collecting each and recommend useful resources to get started.

Wildfire in Wisconsin – Tips to Help You Protect Your Home and Property
Monday June 15, 2020   7-8 pm
Every year homes in Wisconsin are damaged or destroyed by wildfire, and nearly all of this destruction could have been avoided by following some simple guidelines. This session will review the ways that homes ignite in wildfires, how to check your home and landscaping for hazards, changes you can make to lower your chances of damage, and how to maintain and increase your defensible space. Your local forester can help you decide which of these changes are best for you.

Harvest Trees For Your Own Use
Tuesday June 16, 2020   7-8 pm
Do you cut firewood or wood for your own use? This session will help you understand the process for selecting which trees to cut and why. We will also look at how cutting trees can be compatible with other woodland activities, such as creating recreational trails or enhancing wildlife habitat.

Invite Wildlife to Your Woodland
Monday June 22, 2020   7-8 pm
Learn how to enhance your woodlands to attract a variety of wildlife. This session identifies the four requirements to attracting wildlife to your land—space, water, food and shelter—and offers tips on how to manage your woods to improve the wildlife potential.

Find Your Corners and Learn the Laws of the Woods
Tuesday June 23, 2020   7-8 pm
What can walking your woodland boundaries do for you? Learn how to identify your boundaries and the importance of annually walking them. Then learn how Trespass Law, Recreational Use Statute and the Fence Law apply to your woodland. This session concludes with a brief look at how your woodlands can affect your income taxes.

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This event has passed