Check your chainsaw checklist before heading out to the woods

I don’t know how many times I have headed out into our woods to do some chainsaw work and had forgotten something. It is usually something critical like water, or my hatchet, or I brought the wrong fuel mix.  After maybe the fourth or fifth time of this happening (and yes, I am a slow […]

So, you think you know all about your chainsaw, huh?

Chainsaws are powerful tools that make the felling and processing of trees easy.  We tend to forget how dangerous these tools can be if used improperly and without safety equipment.  Take a moment to test your knowledge about chainsaws and their use. The answers are at the end. 1. About how many people are treated […]

Pesky pests

Have you been out in the woods lately? If so, you are lucky the mosquitoes and flies haven’t carried you away. With all the rain we’ve had this year, we have breeding grounds everywhere. On top of that, there was news this past week of both a bird testing positive with West Nile in Marathon […]

Using a chainsaw safely and efficiently

Avoid mistakes and injuries while using your chainsaw by treating it with kindness and respect. My wife’s grandfather, who turns 100 years old this fall, has been working in the woods off and on for most of his life. If it wasn’t cutting ties and bolts by hand in the winter to make some money, […]