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How Do Trees and Forests Grow?

Tree in the Sun  (photo: Matt Duvall)

This month we are going to get our hands dirty by digging into how trees grow and how trees interact in a forest.  My quest is to help you understand how it ties to the trees you see in your woods, and why the types of trees changes over time.  Understanding tree biology is also important if you want to plant trees (i.e. what trees grow best in the soil types and sun conditions you are working with?).


Counting Crawling Critters

Image by Gary Shackelford

When we talk to landowners about their property, they often share with us trail camera photos of bears or list the birds they saw or heard. Wildlife is a common interest for many woodland owners. Although less cute and cuddly, amphibians are a vital part of the ecosystem and the wildlife food web in your woods. They are also a fun, accessible way to get kids or grandkids out exploring your woods. In this month’s blog, we’ll look at how to find and count amphibians on your property.