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Go Play...and Bring Your Phone

Univ. of Oxford

                Spring is in the air. Although, after the snow this week, I think winter is still holding on. I’m starting to believe the saying “snow falls on a robin three times”. We had beautiful weather this past weekend though, and I was able to get out in the woods for a good tromp. I immediately saw a little green, only to realize that it was the dreaded honeysuckle starting to leaf out. Then on Monday, a colleague shared a resource with me related to that honeysuckle… which makes the perfect segue into this month’s blog post: using your phone in the woods.


Tree Identification: terms you should know

What is this tree?

     In last month’s blog post, we introduced a few ways you can track changes in your woods.  Knowing which trees were, are, and will be part of your woods is one way to watch it grow over time.  When I was a student in my forestry program, Professor Guries would test our tree identification skills by jumping on a stump, and asking us to identify it on our test.  Of course our panic led us to believe this was a ridiculous request, but knowing what trees were on your property can be as important as knowing what is there now.  The best example we have of this is in the case of diseases that


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