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Winter Phenology

“Keeping records enhances the pleasure of the search…”- Aldo Leopold

Leaf pick-up is happening in our neighborhood this week, which means it is time to prepare for winter. In fact, we saw our first snow last week. Although the lovely colors of fall are almost gone, I did come across a few hold-outs as I was out making my recordings today. The berry leaves are still red, and that pesky buckthorn is still in full green glory.  


Journaling Changes in Your Woods

This past spring I decided to start a new project, which I’ve chronicled on our Facebook page. On the first of the month, I pack up the dog and camera, and head out to the woods to get photos of whatever is growing at that time of the year. It was such a nice relief to get out there in the spring and see the new green popping out everywhere. I was less excited when the hike turned into a sprint to escape the hordes of mosquitos.


What’s in your woods this month?

snow track (Photo credit: Kris Tiles)

Brrrr, I am shivering as I sit down to write this month’s blog post. Many kudos to you who have headed out in your woods these last few days.  My skis and snow shoes are beckoning me, and I see some 20’s and 30’s on the horizon, so may have my chance soon. For those of you who do enjoy the beauty of your woods in the winter, this post is for you. This month, we are going to talk about tracking animals that use your woods in the winter.


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