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Recreation and Invasive Pests

Insect galleries, Credit: Forest Service, USDA

As the mosquitoes start to disappear, and the leaves begin their fall beauty, we may be hitting our woods more frequently for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling or ATVing. But do you know what may be hitchhiking along with you? Many of the exotic plants, insects and diseases invading our woods are fairly immobile until we pick them up and carry them home or to other woodlands.


June is Invasive Species Awareness Month

Garlic Mustard Credit: hspauldi, flickr

June is invasive species awareness month with the theme of “slow the spread by boat and tread”. In this blog, we have continually recommended that regularly walking your property can lead to a healthier woods. When it comes to invasive plants and animals, it is much easier to control small populations; catching them early can save you sweat and heartburn. But let’s back up a minute and explore what invasives are and why you should be concerned about them.


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