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Mapping your Property

We’ve been getting some more rain around the state recently, and hopefully snow is right around the corner. So think of this blog post as what to do on a rainy day when you are stuck inside. Think of this “down time” as an opportunity to organize your upcoming plans for your woodland, and put a timeline in place for the coming year. A good starting point to do that (if you haven’t done it already) is to create a map of your property that lays out all the features and captures your plans for any future activities. There are a lot of good online resources to help you do that, but this month, I’d like to spend a little time focused on one online resource, and describe how it is useful to you.


Exploring Wildlife Trees

Wildlife Snag, Credit: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Competition is the name of the game in our woodlands. Trees are competing against each other for nutrients. Wildlife are competing for food. Our own desires for our woods can compete against each other. However, you will most likely want to get a variety of things out of your woods (firewood, wildlife, recreation). Understanding what different trees can offer will help you balance all your management decisions. Let’s start by visiting the idea of what makes a good wildlife tree.



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