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Learn About Your Land is a series of courses offered by the UW-Extension Natural Resources Program. This series of classes is intended to be a self-paced learning course to stand on its own, or support in-person classes. The material covered in these lessons gives landowners hands-on tools for working in your own woodlands.

How To

Please read the tips and tools prior to starting a session.
Tips and tools for using this course
When you are done with a lesson, hit the back button to return to this page, and continue to the next lesson.

forest trailPart 1: Get To Know Your Property and Woods

This part of the Learn About Your Land course has 5 sections.

1) Learn your trees                                                           
                (download this tree key prior to this session)
2) Critter Counts: Learn what wildlife use your property     
                 (download this publication prior to this session)
3) Learn the signs & symptoms of sick trees
4) Find boundaries & corners
5) Final activity: Mapping your property

oak seedlingPart 2: Connect Your Interests To Your Land

This part of the Learn About Your Land course has 6 sections.

1) Create trails and paths
2) Harvest trees for your own use
3) Plant trees
4) Conduct a timber sale
5) Create and maintain wildlife habitat
6) Manage your forest for scenic beauty (*coming soon)