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Do Your Property Taxes Seem High?

It’s the start of a new year, and with that comes tax time. That property tax bill probably arrived in December, and as a woodland owner you are potentially facing a larger bill than is comfortable. Many states have realized the importance of family owned woodlands for clean air and water and good paying jobs, and offer landowners incentives to manage their woods. In Wisconsin, this comes in the form of a program that reduces your tax burden in exchange for actively managing your land. The program is called Managed Forest Law, or commonly called MFL for short.


Walnuts: It’s what’s for dinner

                A few years ago, I got into using natural dyes for some craft projects. I was experimenting with different plants and flowers, and read that walnut has a nice color. Since I have a nice supply of walnut trees in my yard, I grabbed a few nuts and went to work peeling them and using the husks on some scarves. At the time, my mother was wondering why we weren’t saving the nut meat too.  Several weeks later, when my hands were STILL dyed brown from the husks, I was also curious why I didn’t stick to just the nuts.

What’s going on in your woods (Spring edition)


I’m in the middle of doing Learn About Your Land classes on the eastern side of the state right now, and this week’s class is all about “What’s in Your Woods”. Good time to be thinking about this month’s blog post. Before I started the class last night, I asked folks what they had most recently been doing in their woods. The first three answers were hunting morels, pulling garlic mustard and cutting firewood. So I guess they should get credit for writing this post.