Topics of Seasonal Interest
photo by Jamie Knack

My wife truly enjoys seeing wildlife on our property and at the old homestead.  And we do quite a bit to get a variety of wildlife to visit and stay on our land; from creating brush piles to putting out nest boxes and leaving snags.

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

My sister and her husband purchased some forested property in Vernon County a few years ago, and would spend most of their time there if they could.  They were originally looking for land to hunt deer on, but have found they get so much more from it over time.

photo by William Klase

A family project in the woods can be a great opportunity to reconnect with relatives you haven’t seen in a while, and get a good deal of work done.  A recent work day at a family property was all of that and much more.  It is the much more part that I will share some insights from, today.