Topics of Seasonal Interest
Photo by William Klase

It’s the holidays, and in case you haven’t noticed, they are pushing electronics of all kinds.  Hopefully, in a future post we’ll share some forest

Hazelnuts, Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In past blog entries, we discussed both agroforestry and non-timber forest products. This month, we’ll spend a little time combining the two with an introduction to hazelnuts. Anyone who has had the pleasure of harvesting wild hazelnuts, and adding them to baked goods, knows how tasty these nuts are. They are even tastier in Nutella, yum. Although 90% of the hazelnuts we see in commercial products are grown in Turkey, and another 4% in Oregon, Wisconsin and Minnesota are seeing a rise in the production as well.

Credit: Gerry Mich

Family members are invited to participate in activities like deer hunting, and asked to help with tree planting and harvesting. But more often then not, their input is not looked for when decisions are being made regarding the management of the woodlot. Many times they are turned off by the phrase “my woods”, when they could be encouraged to be a part of the “family forest”.